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Welcome to the Curly Stockhorse Registry

Out West in America, there are a few obscure lines of horses with a remarkable history. These rare lines of horses trace back to Sitting Bull's horses. Not everyone knows about all of them. The least known, is the Bad Warrior horse. The Bad Warrior horse was developed from a 4th line that has just died out in the past few years—the Berndt line—which like the Nokota, was another of the purer lineage of horses that descended from Sitting Bull's horses. The 3 surviving lines that trace back to Sitting Bull's horses, in their varying degrees of purity, have survived now for hundreds of years. But their numbers are dwindling, and support for them is inconsistent and critical. It is headed in the direction of the Berndt line—for extinction. Where these horses go from here, rests in our hands.

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We have an agreement with a television company to create and air a show about our beloved curly horses to millions of people around the world! This would be AMAZING for the Curly horses!! However, with the economy rising prices everywhere, we are needing to raise $6000-$7000 to cover the expenses for the film. Any membership or registration expenses will go towards making this happen! If you would like to contribute to this fund, you will have your farm/business in the credits! Please reach out to INFO@CURLYSTOCKHORSE.COM to let us know how you can help! 

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The Rare Curly Stockhorse

by Donna Vickery 

The hypoallergenic Curly Horse comes in most American breeds & types. No matter which type, the traits that all Curly Horses are known & prized for are: 

  1. curly coat 

  1. hypoallergenic 

  1. wild horse survival traits (hardy endurance, durable bone, sizable feet) 

  1. braveheart—a highly intelligent sane horse with a calm temperament, that thinks, and is not prone to over-reaction or nervousness 

Additional traits that are found in the rare Curly stockhorse are: 

  1. quality stockhorse conformation (thicker muscled, more muscle definition, while still maintaining a wide fluid range of movement and versatile athleticism, cleaner neck & shoulder, more slope to angle of a longer hip & shoulder combining to create a longer underline, a short cannon bone, lower head set and often, a prettier head). 

  2. additional character: more work ethic (cow sense, long smooth trot, enjoys a job) and increased braveheart 

A good Curly stockhorse exhibits ALL Curly Horse breed traits and in addition (no trait exclusions or substitutions are acceptable) excellent stockhorse type traits. Curly stockhorses were developed over generations of northern ranch use. Before that they were bred across the northern plains by Native Americans and used for hunting buffalo and tribal life. 

Photo of Donna Vickery and Bad Warrior (Curly Stockhorse Stallion)

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