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CSR's International Virtual Horse Show


CSR International Virtual Horse Show: Services

Show Overview

CASH PRIZE for both Grand Champion and Reserve Champion! Grand Champion will receive 20% of the entries for a Cash prize unless they are a CSR member, then they will receive 25% of the entries as a cash prize! Reserve Champion will receive 15% of the entries for a Cash prize unless they are a CSR member, then they will receive a 20% Cash prize! Both winners will receive an additional surprise gift to be announced later. This will be based on a points system during the show and details will be provided later on the exact point breakdown.

Some additional prizes and acknowledgments will be announced later. All participants will receive points to some degree to be used in another annual event and title that we will also announce later in greater detail. Okay back to the current show!

Who can participate? ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN PARTICIPATE!!! You do not have to be a member of CSR. You do not have to have a curly horse! You also do not have to be an owner of a curly horse to be a member of CSR and show your support!

What classes* will we have offered?


At Liberty


Obstacle Course

Western Dressage ( click here to see the patterns and expectations)

(These are classes that can be done in nearly any temperature.)


Calf Roping (pending)

Cutting (pending) 

Barrel Racing

Team Penning (pending)


Arena Races

Pole Turn

(These are classes that you will want to film in comfortable weather for you and the horse.)

Special Equine Division

This division is for those with special needs considerations. This division will have its own set of prizes and awards, although points will be the same. We are still working out the details, but the classes* offered so far are as follows:


At Liberty




This will be updated as we approve more classes for this division. Pending are awaiting a judge for those areas. If you have any suggestions or if you would be interested in judging then you are welcome to email

We will provide additional details about the rules for each class, and what we expect to see for those classes.


Cost: $10 per person per class.

Total Classes: Potentially 11 (at this time - subject to change)

You can participate in 1 class or all classes.

How will this work?

You will participate by recording yourself doing the event(s) you have signed up for. The videos must be time-stamped for THIS YEAR. They must be clear videos. Treat the camera as the judge! You will send in your entries for specific classes during specific time frames.

March 15th - May 15th, 2023. We will be accepting video entries for Halter, At Liberty, Showmanship, Obstacle Course, and Western Dressage.

May 15th - July 15th, 2023- We will be accepting video entries for Reining, Calf Roping, Cutting, Barrel Racing, Team Penning, and Driving.

What this means: You can record your entry anytime between NOW and the last day the videos are being accepted for that class. However, your video entry MUST be received by CSR on the last day that we are accepting entries for that class.

For example, You can record your reining entry video tomorrow, but you cannot submit it until the 15th of May, and it must be received no later than the 15th of July, 2023. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.

Winners for each class, Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be announced no later than October 1st, 2023! It will depend entirely on the number of entries that will need to be judged.

You can sign up for the classes here:

You can sign up to be a member at


It was brought to my attention that the cart is not checking out when someone attempts to sign up for a membership, or for the Virtual Horse Show events! My apologies! It is currently being fixed. In the meantime, you can purchase your membership, horse registrations, and CSR's International Virtual Horse Show 2023 entries at our backup store site. I will announce when the main site's cart issue is resolved.


You can email us with further questions at

Interested in becoming a judge in the future? Email us at to submit for consideration!

What will the entry fees be used for? 20-25% for Grand Champion. 15-20% for Reserve Champion. 5% to sponsor a child up to 20 yrs old for showing their curly horse. 5% to sponsor an adult 20 yrs old + for showing their curly horse. We will send out information on how to apply for this later. 5% will be donated to the Curly Horse Rescue. The remaining amount will be used to fund future shows and events to promote our wonderful Curly horses, as well as fund our TV shows on the Curly horse!

All photo and video entries may be used in our marketing or on our TV episodes in the future!

Let's have an amazing time!!!


Karen Zierler - Licensed Horse Judge in Austria

Suzan Strahan - USEF Western and Welsh pony judge

(Optional/Stand-In: Hiedi Robinson)

*Classes are subject to change, and there will be minimum participant requirements. If there are not enough entrants for a class you will be refunded and notified by email.

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